Dissecting WordPress Myths

Dissecting WordPress Myths

In the last couple of years, WordPress has practically blown up.

Who doesn’t have a WordPress account these days? With blogs sprouting up a dime a dozen, the CMS site has certainly been busy.

Even those that are still just dreaming of creating their own blogs are circling the site. So what’s stopping them?

Well, quite a lot actually, now that you mention it. Apparently, even with the millions of WordPress users proving it’s a mighty easy platform to use, some people still have misgivings.



Now isn’t this always number 1 when it comes to anything on the net? It’s probably safe to assume that you personally know of at least one person whose account was hacked at one time or another.

So just how secure is WordPress? That’s a little tricky to answer, really. You know about the saying about shiny apples getting the most attention? Well, it’s the same with websites.

The more popular ones tend to attract more attention from hackers. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a secure site.

And of course, if you absolutely suck at password protection, then it’s a little hypocritical to blame WordPress, don’t you think?


Sometimes, being known as one of the best blog-hosting platforms has its drawbacks. Foremost of which is people thinking it doesn’t do anything else.

WordPress is for blogging. Period. Right?

Heck, no.

WordPress, in their own words, is actually “a web software to create a beautiful website or blog.”  You’re actually just limited by your own imagination.


Eh? Now this is just ridiculous.

WordPress doesn’t have a number you can call to get help, that’s true. But, the WordPress forums are goldmines of information. The people on the email lists can usually respond to your queries in minutes.


Just how difficult is it to manage and maintain WordPress installations?

Well, if you have a lot, then it could certainly be challenging. It doesn’t mean it cannot be done. A WordPress multi-site network will let you manage all your WP websites in one place.

One other plugin users recommend is ManageWP. It keeps track of all the WP installations you have. It also maintains them in one place.


Speaking of plugins, WP doesn’t seem to have a lot of good ones, does it?

Let’s be realistic. Nothing is ever created equal, least of all plugins. So yes, there could be bugs. The codes may not be up to date. There could be a number of different problems.

It’s okay to hesitate before using any. In fact, you should always check diligently before putting someone else’s code in. Always make sure you check how many downloads the plugin has had and how high it’s rated.


Marketing a product? Think WP is not for you? Okay. Maybe.

It was never designed to manage ecommerce, that’s for sure. But remember that whole bit about limitations? It’s still true here.

WP can do anything you want as long as you know how to do it.

Those are just some of the things being thrown about WordPress. And they’re largely just myths and misgivings. WordPress literally has thousands of developers around the world with only one job: to make WP better. Even in Brisbane you have a lot of WordPress Brisbane based experts! The platform is no longer just for blogging. It’s ready to leap to the future of web hosting and design. And it’s only limited by its user’s resourcefulness.